Through its exclusivity, attractive print design, effective construction technology, and overall appealing design, the packaging creates the added value that lets customers grab it and helps to ensure sales success.

HÖHN puts all its creative and productive powers at your disposal to ensure that your products are optimally staged and appear appealing and valuable.

  • Food/Nutritional supplements
  • Non-Food
  • Pharma/OTC
  • Cosmetics
  • Mailings
  • Advent calendar
  • Shipping boxes for online trade
  • Displays for mini-series in digital printing
  • Covered hard boxes
  • Playing cards
  • Special solutions


Anna Grünauer

Sales Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)731 494-247
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Christian Ise

Sales Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)731 494-236
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Claudia Ortmann

Sales Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)731 494-229
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Sina Schwarz

Sales Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)731 494-266
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Calvin Welch

Sales Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)731 494-222
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